Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Very late update, seeing as the glammies was about 2 months ago now?

In short: the glammies was awesome. As a 1st year I worked in a small group to come up with a stig to go inbetween the categories. I never thought being so stressed could be so enjoyable! I've really missed the energy and stress of uni since the summer hols, and I really miss working with other people.

In this video I modelled Tink, textured her, textured the background, textured and modelled a lot of the environment (didn't do the lillys, or the background painting), and did her sparkle-trail and the sparkly-fart (which I was very pleased with!).

Since then I've mainly been slaving away at my part-time job, and sketching to help improve my design skills. My drawing and painting progress since May can be seen here (and I'm quite glad, there has been improvement! phew) -