Friday, 18 May 2012


Crazy Skull Lady
This was my only character that I modelled during major project, and I found that it was the project which interested me the most. While orginally not expecting to enjoy the character project as much I found that the organic modelling process was more enjoyable. The modelling on the character could have done more to incorperate edge loop principles around the different muscle groups to allow for nicer modelling for shape and for deformation. I found that the texturing on the character was very fun, but that it fell short of what I wanted in many places. Though I did take the model into mudbox I fell that I could have done a better job on the normal map, as although it looks good from some angles, at others it's too subtle.

 Alice in Wonderland Hotel
This project ended up moving much further away from my orginal intended colour scheme, though still incoperating many of the elements I had intended. I had orginally intended to use much darker colours, however I found that with the theme having such dark colours made the hotel room feel grotty and unclean. Instead I moved into a cleaner colour pallette and brought in some lighter greens and creams to help the brown look cleaner, however still bringing in the feeling of the rabbit hole.

This was another project in which I struggled with the lack of details in my concept work and found I had to make up a lot of the details while modelling. If I could have redone the project I would have liked to have spent more time focusing on the textures and how they would effect my modelling, so that I could have done more work with normal and spec maps. While I did use these within the project I feel I could have used them to greater ability.

Victorian Street
While I got through the modelling of this project fairly quickly, I should have allocated more time towards the texturing of the project. I feel that the detail they're lacking really takes away from any sense of realism, and that I should have had a greater focus on the construction of buildings and details during the texturing stage.