Thursday, 22 November 2012

Seasonal Environments

Had a lot of work I've been doing managing a game project and in unity, so there hasn't been a huge amount of art work for me to show. But here's some of the environment designs I've been working on.

These two are meant to be on a very summery but over grown environment, in two key locations. I'm hoping to further develop the environment within the next couple of weeks so that the concept sketches are feeling a bit more summery than they are at the moment. As I'm not sure how much of the sky you can see in the environment, I'm thinking I might need some shafts of light which break through the overgrown trees.

These two are for the winter environment I'm working on, I'm looking at there being lots of lights around the scene which are yellowy/orange to contrast against the white/grey/bluey background to them. Also, there's going to be a maze so I need to come up with different maze concepts over the next few weeks to fully explore the potential of the maze looks. 

And here's the colour palettes I've suggested for the environments.
Over the course of the next week I plan to use this to better develop the black and white thumbs I've produced.

So, onwards, and hoping I get further with my game whitebox and the designs I have going!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Kimiko and co!

Finally, here's the videos of the base mesh of my character, and the finalised props for the project we've just finished! The main aim of the project was for us to get used to using Maya as an alternative to 3dsmax. Annoyingly I've now developed a little bit of a love hate thing for Maya...  half the things seem to take twice as long, and then the other half are super speedy quick. Now if only I could remember how to navigate the viewport in max...

Here's Kimiko from Dresden Codak and props =) (Kimiko and other designs all belong to Aaron Diaz, I have simply edited them to try and get them to work in 3d. Now go read his webcomic if you haven't

Next step in this module will be to take the character and put her in a games engine and look at shaders and such, which I am really looking forward to!