Thursday, 3 February 2011

WIP - Snow Leopard

Currently working on a snow leopard for uni, we had to team up with an animator, pick an animal, and then she needs to rig/animate it, and I need to model it!

Went to the zoo and saw looots of snow leopard :)

This is what I have currently, need to attach the head, finish the tail, and the feet, give it ears, then realise that some sort of fundamental part of the anatomy is wrong... but hey, it's all planned for...

Long Long Ago

We had a quick project on character modelling, and... well, these are the results. I would have preferred to have had it as a single mesh, but as we weren't being taught to skin (or unwrap for texturing), so the model and texturing is pretty simple and segmented.  If I could go back and change anything, it'd be the head shape, it's a bit long at the top I think. My favourite part of the model is the base... this might make me slightly strange. I'm not entirely sure I enjoy character modelling as much as environments, but I'll find out as I continue to model more.

(Edit: I've noticed the video quality on these isn't that great, I just want to point out he has buttons for eyes!)