Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Not entirely sure what to say in this post, the first post, the obviously horrible no matter what you blog post. I can either say why I'm starting a blog, set up some aims and objectives, but it's pretty self-explanatory, or I can just jump in head first and start talking about what I'm making, but I don't feel rather comfortable with that either. Ah, indecision.

Currently I'm working on my first environment for a uni project, which I should really be getting on with right now. I'll be putting some pictures up from that sometime next week once it's all done.

Anyway, have some pictures. These were from our week-long introduction to modelling project, where we had to modelled and textured a bowl of fruit (if I have to tell you that's what it is... well, I think I may have failed.), struggled a little getting to grips with 3d max, but I think by the end of the project I had learn a lot about the basics (apart from lighting, which I really need to work on.)

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