Sunday, 17 February 2013

Echoes - My Bed

Well, not mine, mine's much messier than this. But I did want to get in a reference to the fact that my bed is much better than Tracey Emin's*

This is the first time I've used zbrush for modelling non-organic things. I used 3dsmax for the base mesh, and then look it into zbrush for a normal map. I took it into zbrush first and did this one, but I realised once I'd finished that I could add a lot more atompshere to this piece by having the bed look as if someone's slept in it. This is one of the key props in the nursery room, so I felt it was worth making that change.

So bring me forward a bit, and I had sculpted this new messy bed! I much prefer it, and feel it's going to add a lot more atmosphere.

*I have complete respect for fine artists and breaking the boundaries of art and thought... But Tracey Emin amuses me.

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