Friday, 3 May 2013


The interview for the Sardinia ERASMUS program has got a couple of us thinking about transferable skills. Leaving us to come up with a couple of rapid fire projects we could get going after our final deadline so that we could work on some of our less gamey skills in case we got picked!

For me, one of the things I'd definitely want to see strengthen in the next month or so is my drawing skills. Having spent a lot of my time in the past few months directing and working in engine I've found I've had little time to get as much drawing one as I've wanted to and I am sure I am uncomfortably rusty at he moment. One of the riggers on our course wants to work on a quick 2D rig some point around that time so I've agreed to do the 'model' for it.

I was only really introduced to this concept when I watched a talk by Blue Zoo a couple months back, before then I hadn't really considered 2D being animated in a program in Maya.

The Blue Zoo talk and the ERASMUS program have really got me thinking a lot more about TV, advertising and info-graphic creation. While it's something that's always been at the back of my head, I feel like it's something that I want to be working towards being able to do now, and feel that the Blue Zoo talk has helped inspire this as it's given me a lot of insight as to what working in one of these studios is like and to me it sounds like the sort of amosphere I could really see myself working in. Although most of my work this year has been with games engines, I'm quite eager to learn new skills (such as prepping at for 2D rig creation), to try and get more of a 'feel' for what area I want to be developing in at the moment. While it may seem a little bit like I'm flittering between disciplines there are a lot of transferable skills between them, and it allows me to understand where I am creatively. Then, if I do find that all's going well with these sorts of projects I'd like to see about applying for places like Blue Zoo after the MA Animation.

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