Friday, 17 December 2010

The Mystic's Dream

There's a little snow storm outside my window. Sometimes the 20th floor is wondrous <3

Finished my first environment on Monday in time for the deadline, and am quite pleased with it. I learned a lot of new things about modelling, and while I can see some key things I'd change now (the trees, the weeds so they aren't all separate planes x-x gods what was I thinking? And probably change the tents a bit, add a rug... so many things! Oh, maybe a lamp.), I'm generally quite happy with the modelling. Texturing a little less so to be honest, I learnt tons of new stuff, but I think only some of it was pulled off really well. And... lighting... I still hate lighting. Lighting is a bitch and I have no idea how it works. So, more lighting practice needed!

Now, I'll get onto completing that character I'm meant to be modelling...

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