Friday, 8 March 2013

Echoes - Oh yeah, rocks

This week has been focused on getting some rock and cliff pieces together for the scenery for Echoes. These textures will be used for the Summer level, and I will be creating some alternative textures for the Winter level.

I'm going to add an emission map onto the rock pieces, as they're going to have glowing labyrinth sigils on them.


Rocks presented a challenge at first, mostly due to my inability to work out how to keep them low poly but have a lot of shape to them. I wanted these 2 to be modular as well, so they could be used again and again in the game to create mountains, and enforce game boundaries, but have very little effect on processing within the engine.

After research I found the best workflow for me would be sculpting them in zbrush, and then taking them into Topogun. I tried modeling them straight in max to begin with but I found that the task was possible, but very time consuming. First project I've tried this set up and I'm finding myself liking it a lot, I feel it gives a lot more speed to the process and lets you create what you want to more accurately. I definitely see myself using this a lot more in future, and after Project Echoes has been completed I can't wait to give it a go on a character

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