Thursday, 11 April 2013

Business Studies - Promotional Image

For business studies we had to produce a promotional piece of artwork which we felt represented our skills and style.

Like many artists, I don't really feel like I have a 'style' yet, or a theme or anything quite as decisive. So I decided to create something based on what feelings I like people to feel when looking at my work, one of the things I love playing with is evoking feeling within people, and I feel this extends to my game work, my environments, all of my art. I want it to have a sense of atmosphere and self, one that feels almost tangible and can give the viewer a sense of emotion.

So that's what I focused on trying to do within my piece for this project.

I'm not entirely sure I succeeded, or that the project worked out the way I wanted to, but I feel that this piece does represent my skills and demonstrate the path I am travelling along within my work.#

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